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KMC is a unique product with the ability to work on the most aggressive and challenging environments, steep slopes or wetlands.


Based in a high performance hybrid tank platform, KMC has a one of a kind booging wheels track suspension that allows the machine to have the most surface contact of any equivalent machine in the market, creating a large footprint but with less ground pressure, perfect to work on woods.


In slopes it can reach up to 70% (350) in straight up and down conditions and up to 50% sideways.


In wetlands, since the chassis was designed to be a hybrid platform, it will get into places not even an excavator will get in, operating as a skidder or high tillage plowing with no effort any time of the year, no more downtime due to wet season!


Applications: here is the icing on the cake, the attachments are removable and replaceable, you can change the skidding grapple to a sprayer tank or any other implement in a day, making this one of the most versatile machines in the industry. Example: you can use the slope skidding feature in a regular basis and in the fire season you change it for a fire-track unit.


KMC can be tailor made configured, has all the forestry safety specs and can move between areas at 23 km/h. Since it is designed as a tank, you’ll have a machine that will support the worst and keep running for a very long time!

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