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Welcome to USAmericas

With over 25 years in international business development our business proposal is simple: develop new markets and assure recurrent sales.


We work as two different fronts: International Agent or Distributor.


As an International Agent our customers are well-structured businesses interested in expanding in the US or internationally. They are well-known locally, with recognized products and reliable partners and want to expand their international horizons. Here is where USAmericas adds value to our customers: We know how to do the work.


As Distributor USAmericas identifies products that have unique capacities, can add value to customers in new markets and after searching for the best manufacturer, signs as a distributor to develop and explore the market working as the manufacturer dealer or distributor.


USAmericas has the knowledge to give full support either in the US or abroad. We will first understand the business, strengths and challenges, pricing, potential differentials and then, create a strategy to best approach potential markets.


To be most efficient we will do as much remotely as possible, we will be present to a one-on-one business when necessary, all based in best cost efficiency.


At USAmericas we will treat your interests as ours and we will do our best to build a solid long-term partnership as new business partners.


Thank you!


Team USAmericas


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