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Agriculture and Forestry markets


After many years working hands-on with farmers and foresters in South America and US, we reached an outstanding knowledge of the industry as a whole.

From soil preparation solutions all the way harvesting we’ve been side by side with professionals at dry and wet lands, mountains all the way up to the Amazon Forest, learning the need of the people working in the field, this is one of our differentials: we’ve been there, many, many times!

After learning the problem, we search for best options to bring real solutions to our customers, either as agent or as distributor. The solutions we present are known and tested products but for whatever reason were not presented or offered to them before. This is one of the advantages of being in the fields and sharing experiences and challenges, we learn the problem and can discuss solutions directly with the source.

The communication with locals is fundamental, either language and/or culture. Since we bring to the table over 20 years working with or in South America, with fluency in Spanish, Portuguese and English, we can talk to people as locals, making communication a lot more pleasant and effective.

USAmerica is agent of this recognized brands:

To Southern Cone (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay): ASV (

To North America: JdeSouza (


USAmericas is exclusive distributor of this recognized brands:

To North America: Husky Forestry (

To Brazil and Chile forest and agribusiness: Danuser (

To South America: Chambers Delimbinator (

To South America: EzSpotUR (

To South America: KMC-Kootrac (

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